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Concrete Floor Sealing

Concrete floors on their own are very durable and robust, but they are also very porous.

When your concrete floors are not sealed, they are prone to staining, cracking, sun damage and moisture issues that can lead to mold and mildew. All of these can damage your Bloomingdale concrete floors and if left untreated, result in expensive repairs.

Sealing your concrete floors with a clear sealer will not only restore the look of your concrete floors but also protect them from damage, moisture issues and the elements.

Concrete sealing is a relatively easy and quick process of mechanically grinding your concrete to remove any dirt and stains and then sealing it with a UV stable polyurethane sealer.

Concrete floor sealing is excellent for indoor floors and outdoor concrete surfaces such as patios, walkways and driveways.

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Sealed Concrete Benefits

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Protects from damage

Sealing your concrete floors protects them from damage from oil, chemicals, salt, grease, weather exposure, UV rays, and it prevents moisture and other elements from seeping below the surface and negatively affecting your concrete surface.

Easy to Clean

Sealed concrete floors are non-porous. As a result, liquids, mold, bacteria or dirt will not be able to get trapped in the floor, making them extremely easy to clean.

Increases longevity

Sealing your concrete not only ensures your concrete surface is protected but that it is long lasting. 


Applying a sealer enhances the overall look of the concrete. Most sealers keep your concrete looking new while also smoothing and preserving color.

Low Cost

Compared to the cost of replacing a concrete surface, concrete sealing is a cost effective way of preserving your concrete floors and enhancing their natural beauty.

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If you are looking to protect your residential or commercial concrete floors, at Evolve Concrete Coatings, we have the right durable and decorative solution.

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